New and In-Progress

The first set of images are from a video project titled Downstream. Downstream is a two channel video that follows two tributaries that flow into the Connecticut River. The Connecticut River begins at the border of Canada and the United States, cuts through New England and empties into the Long Island Sound linked to the Atlantic Ocean. The right side of the video is filmed upstream while the left is filmed downstream. The installation of the video is projected on opposing walls so the viewer can pass through a virtual flow of water. Through out the video sculptural compositions appear that were made by collecting debris, 3D scanning the objects and then compositing them into the footage. This project was made possible by a grant from Wesleyan University Center for Fine Art.         Link to video clip.

The next images are new works in-progress tentatively titled Open Water. This series further explores human impacts on the landscape. In these works I am interested in our dependence on water and the potential energy it holds. As the climate changes extreme weather events, sea level rise, and even drought are inevitable. While these events have the capacity for tragedy and will undoubtedly reshape the planet, I am interested in presenting a landscape that is simultaneously beautiful and ominous.

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